The Greatest Unspoken Automobile Part: The Timing Belt

One of the most important automobile parts that rarely gets its due is the timing belt. People hear about the timing belt of course, but they mostly only hear about it in the context of it needing to be replaced. When that is the news coming down, people are usually upset and don't understand its purpose.

The purpose of the timing belt is vitally important as it syncs the crankshaft with the camshaft to allow for the valves to do what they need to do to get air and gas in and out of the engine at just the right intervals.

A timing belt does all of this so that the vehicle may be able to operate. Clearly, it plays a big role, and ignoring it is not advisable. You can usually judge that a timing belt may need replacement around 100,000 miles. Make sure you listen to your mechanic to get that belt replaced when they suggest you do so.

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